5 Essentials You Need This Monsoon

June 20, 2017



Its pouring finally and I love it as much as you do!
But you gotta admit, this sticky weather is taking a toll on you and makes it quite difficult to stay out during the day.
So I put together a list of products that will make sure your day is more breezy and you can be out and about all day, without a single worry.

1. Sunscreen

Now I know you’ve probably heard this a million times and there is a reason for that. ITS ESSENTIAL. I’ve been that person who has avoided sunscreen for so long in my life and I surely regret it. The UV rays can really damage/ dull out your skin. Opt for something lightweight so it doesn’t make you feel sticky.

2. Lip Balm with SPF

We often tend to ignore the fact that our lips need as much protection from the sun, as everything else.  The sun can really dry out your lips & leave them looking chapped & brown.

3. Anti- Perspirant Roll On

One thing we can all agree on is that its crazy sweaty out there. And trust me when I say this, no deodorant/perfume/spray will keep you fresh like this. And if you haven’t tried the roll ons at Marks & Spencer, you are really missing out. I’m absolutely obsessed with the China Blue fragrance. The roll ons make sure you are light, fresh & sweat free!

4. Blotting Paper

This product has very quickly won me over completely and is now an essential that I carry around with me all day. Blotting paper, soaks up the oil from your skin without wiping off the products from your skin. This is a must have for everyone with combination & oily skin and is also affordable. I also really like that the product is so compact that you can easily carry it around all day, and soak up all the excess oil from your face when it starts to get sweaty. Blotting papers can be easily found at a forever 21 store or you can order them online.

5. Face Mist 

Well, this one is pretty self explanatory. Its a saviour when you’re feeling tired and dull in the middle of your day, as it instantly makes you feel fresh. You don’t really have to go and get a fancy mist for your face, and that’s why I love that the dabur gulabri now comes in a spray bottle. Rose water is great for your skin, and this is easily available & doesn’t burn a whole in your pocket at all.


So these products definitely are essential for me now and let me battle out the hot & humid weather. Let me know what you guys think. Hope they help you get mosoon ready too!


Until next time! :)



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