My name is Shivani. I’m a 21 year old styling student and a tad bit obsessed with fashion, food and life.

In February 2014, I remember laying one night and thinking, I really want to start blogging and I’m going to do it. And it took me an year from that thought to reach here. Let’s just say the process involved a lot of procrastination and cheesecake.

Now being a fashion student, a lot of you may wonder if this is what I have to do. Well, not really. But it is surely something that I want to do. I aim to bring forward to you my personal style and my take on everything fashion. I feel that sometimes, branding is blinding our style and I want to take you to what’s beyond that.
That is no way means I wouldn’t die to get my hands on a pair of Louboutin’s one day. Just saying.

I would love to hear from you and all your comments would mean a lot.
That’s all for my touching internet story. How about we go back, try again and end right back to the start.
‘ Hi I’m Shivani. And this is my little fashion tale.’