Desi Hipster

April 20, 2017

Full Look- Thrifted

Hello loves!

Sorry for being M I A for so long. Girl’s trying to graduate. So what did I miss? Summer’s here in its full flare. While mini skirts and off shoulder tops are a staple that keeps up your cool quotient in all ways, here’s a look for when you want to make a statement, yet keep it cool.

We all have some sort of an ethnic skirt lying around, which could easily be worn as a dress! I love the colour of my skirt and the bedazzled border acts as the perfect desi detail. I used a chunky belt to synch my waist and give the skirt a shape. Add a solid coloured jacket to make the look more put together. I opted for a black shrug for a hint of chic.

Don’t forget to accessorise your look! I opted for silver junk jewellery to tie together the outfit. I finished the look with a pair of round black sunglasses and a little bit of a hipster vibe. And there you have it, a statement look with simple pieces that are super affordable. I hope you go out there and find different ways to wear existing pieces from your wardrobe.

Until next time! :)




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  • Reply Bombaybuy February 7, 2018 at 6:36 pm

    The accessories, silver junk jewellery, round black sunglasses and hipster vibe etc are simple and affordable

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